Waste Streams


While the types of materials processed by Geocycle are often described as ‘waste’ they are usually by-products associated with the manufacture of common consumer items.

Inputs suitable for our high viscosity (HVF) and solvent based fuel (SBF) programs are typically sourced from the paints & inks, coatings, automotive, agriculture, mining, printing, paper and cardboard, airline, and chemical industries and are characterised as liquids, sludges, solids and powders with a relatively high energy value.

Geocycle’s unique technology and waste management approach means much of the waste we process is sent to us directly from the waste generator with the rest collected and re-packaged by other waste consolidation companies and sent to Geocycle for disposal.

Typical wastes and by-products would include:-

  • Petroleum products, including oils, greases and distillation residues
  • Resins, paints, inks and solvent based materials
  • Chemicals, including pesticides and herbicides
  • Filter cakes
  • Pigments and powders
  • Industrial waste/wash waters
  • Spent catalyst
  • Spent Cell Liner (SCL)
  • AFFF/PFAS Concentrates and Wash Waters

Geocycle has the ability to receive these wastes in a variety of packaging types ranging from small packs (< 60L), drums, IBC’s and bulk loads.

Environmental Benefits