Bulk Liquid Unloading

The key components of this project are two 32 m3 above ground, agitated mild steel storage tanks that act as quarantine tanks.

Two bulk liquid unloading pumps one an electrically driven centrifugal style unit for light liquids the other a pneumatically operated positive displacement unit for heavier liquids are dedicated for the unloading of bulk isotainers and road tankers. Dedicated 100 mm pipework and electrically operated air fired solenoid valves from the unloading point to both quarantine tanks guarantee product integrity.

The system is fully automated and controlled by a Citect Scada system via a local control panel.

The beauty of this fully automated unloading system is that it negates the requirement to core sample bulk road tankers/isotainers (hazard to operators) and wait for laboratory analysis (45 minutes) thus holding up deliveries. An empty quarantine tank is allocated for each bulk delivery and with powerful high speed tank agitation the most representative homogenized sample is produced for laboratory testing. A high flow centrifugal pump also allows either of the quarantine tanks to be emptied quickly ready for the next bulk load delivery.