Rapid Set Concrete

Rapid Set Concrete

Rapid Set Concrete

Made right here in Australia, Cement Australia's Rapid Set Concrete is specially formulated to harden rapidly, so you can complete a job faster and have more time for other projects. It is highly suitable for fixing fence and non-load bearing pergola posts, clothes hoists and many other non-structural uses.


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Post Set Concrete


  • no mixing required, just add clean water
  • great for small jobs when rapid hardening is an advantage
  • supports can be removed as early as 1 hour

Place the post or pole in the hole and provide support so that it does not fall over. Note: the hole in which the pole will be placed should be pre-soaked to limit the absorption of water needed for the Rapid Set Concrete. Sandy and/or fast draining soils may require a plastic lining to prevent seepage of water into the ground.

Measure out the correct amount of water and pour into the hole (start with 2.0 litres per 20kg bag, add 0.3-0.5L only if needed)

Pour half the bag of Rapid Set Concrete into the hole, making sure it is evenly distributed around the post or pole without delay. Tamp the product around the post using a rod to remove any air pockets. Add the remaining half bag of product and tamp again.  Add small amounts of water only if required to ensure that the mix is completely moistened.  Should you need more concrete for the hole, immediately repeat the process with another bag. Supports may be removed after 1 hour, depending on the ambient temperature. Always test the stability of the post before removing the supports.

  • Rapid Set Concrete is not designed for use in any structural application.
  • Extreme temperatures will impact set time of Rapid Set Concrete. Not recommended for use below 10 degrees Centigrade.
  • Do not add additional cement, sand, other aggregates or admixtures to the mix.
  • The use of concrete mixers or tools to mix the material should be avoided as this product hardens quickly.
  • Rapid Set Concrete is not recommended for use with Aluminium posts or poles unless these are primed or sealed according to the post manufacturers’ recommendation.
  • When Rapid Set Concrete is used in playground applications, it is only recommended for use below ground level and when covered with a ‘soft fall’ material.

  • Excess water will reduce the ultimate strength performance of this product.
  • For higher compressive strength results, Cement Australia recommends using Cement Australia PROSTRENGTH Rapid Set Concrete Mix.