Gap Sand

Gap Sand

Gap Sand

Gap Sand is a special blend of graded fine sands and additives designed to lock into place all types of brick and block paving.

PLEASE NOTE Gap Sand is suitable for filling joints up to 3mm maximum. It is not designed to function as a grout.  Finished Gap Sand will be firm, but not hard.  For larger joints, Cement Australia Sand & Cement is recommended.


Safety Data Sheet 
Available Sizes
Paver Jointfill

Paver Jointfill

  • Forms a workable yet stable joint between pavers, up to 3mm gap
  • Inhibits weed & insect infestation
  • Minimises paver distortion
  • Covers approx 3.5mfor brick shaped pavers; 122 for 400mm square pavers, 50mm depth 

Lay pavers as per manufacturer’s instructions. Sweep Gap Sand into all joints using a stiff broom, until all gaps are filled.

Work a vibrating compactor, rubber mallet or similar piece of equipment over the entire paved area to assist the flow of filler into the joints and to ensure the joints are firm.

Thoroughly sweep the paved surface, topping up where necessary and remove all excess surface sand.

Mist spray the paved surface ensuring that all areas receive a thorough wetting. Avoid heavy spraying or flooding of areas. When Gap Sand is dry and firm, paving is ready for traffic