The Cement Australia Oxides range gives you unlimited possibilities to improve the aesthetics of concrete, mortars and renders through coloured finishes.

Please note: The swatches displayed are a guide only, as actual colour can vary due to screen and device settings. For colour consistency, test a small area first and always ensure the same mix is for following batches when finishing a larger job. 


Click here to watch WTW for Tradies using our Oxides in White Cement & Trade Mortar

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Garden Edges

Garden Edges



  • beautiful, long-lasting coloured finishes
  • less cost and less hassle for upkeep of coloured mortars, renders, and concrete
  • suitable for DIY, residential and commercial projects

  • For best results, follow the instructions on the Oxide pack carefully.
  • Always accurately measure all ingredients, including water; and for multiple mixes, always use the same quantities.
  • For lighter, deeper colours use either White or Off White Cement or Render. Black, brown and red work best in Grey Cement.
  • Sand can also affect colour, so source enough sand in one purchase to complete your project.

The maximum colour saturation you can achieve is 10% oxide addition of the cement content.

Avoid wastage and weakening of your mix by overdosing on oxide.

Oxide Saturation Ratios

The above table is provided as a guide to illustrate the difference in colour saturation of both the ratio of oxide (Light, Medium or Deep) to cement, as well as colour lightening over the first 5 days as the cement cures. Ensure your ratio percentage is based on the cement content only, as oxide will not colour sand or stone.