Railton community

Mixing with the Railton community

Cement Australia's Railton Plant has been operating in the Kentish Council area of North West Tasmania since 1923 providing productive high quality jobs for many generations of locals and Tasmanians.   

The Railton plant plays a positive role in the Railton community actively participating in and supporting local community projects and activities.


Community relations

Cement Australia formed a Community Consultative Group in 2004, with the mission to promote the health and development of the Railton community and surroundings through regular, open, and cooperative communications between Cement Australia and community stakeholders. Interest groups from local schools, local councils, landcare environmental groups,  the fire brigade, police and local community organisations come together to discuss plant and mine operations, community needs and any issues that arise.

Cement Australia Railton have long worked with our neighbours and communities to create partnerships based on a foundation of mutual respect and long term commitment with the aim of ensuring our community partnerships create high quality outcomes through enduring relationships.

Cement Australia supports Tasmanian communities by actively working with organisations to promote and provide assistance directed towards improving the quality of life by increasing community participation in educational, sporting, health and well being, cultural and environmental activities.  Our support is provided through a range of initiatives including our Community Assistance and Grants Programs, Educational Sponsorships and University bursaries.



The state of the art Railton plant operates bag filters at all its major plant areas including the Kiln, Cooler and Mills to minimise dust emissions in line with industry best practices.  We employ energy efficient and environmentally sound manufacturing methods to improve energy efficiency, reduce stack emissions and greenhouse gases; and through the use of alternative fuels and materials minimise the consumption of virgin raw materials and fuels.

Cement Australia Railton actively implements water conservation projects and conducts ongoing rehabilitation work such as revegetating exhausted mining areas to improve sustainability and minimise impacts to the natural environment.