Laboratory Product Testing & Services

Cement Australia operates one of Australia's leading purpose built, construction materials testing facilities at Darra, south west of Brisbane's CBD.


The primary focus of the laboratory is to support our manufacturing facilities and perform quality testing and certification of our cementitious products.

The laboratory holds NATA accreditation for a wide range of cement, concrete, supplementary cementitious and aggregate test procedures.

It also performs routine testing and certification for a number of external customers across Australia, New Zealand and PNG on a wide range of materials including cements, slag, fly ash, silica fume and gypsum.

The laboratory also offers a wide range of facilities and investigative services in the area of construction materials testing.

The Darra Laboratory is scoped to accept external cement, pozzolanic and construction materials testing for those customers seeking a NATA Certificate, Web-Based Reporting and/or long-form Test Report. 


These services include:

  • Concrete mix design optimisation, mix performance
  • Aggregate characterisation
  • Analysis of hardened concrete and cores
  • Concrete failure & performance investigations
  • Packaged products performance
  • Mortar and grout performance
  • Flexural toughness of fibre reinforced concrete or shotcrete
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF)
  • Particle size distribution (psd)
  • Durability, AAR- Mortar Bar, Chloride Permeability ASTM C1202, NT Build 492
  • Manufactured pozzolan performance
  • Variable temperature concrete performance

Please note, field testing services such as coring of hardened concrete, slump testing or specimen casting is not currently offered.

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