Gladstone community

Mixing with the Gladstone community

Since the Fisherman’s Landing plant began production in 1981, Cement Australia has become one of the major employers of the Gladstone region. Through Fisherman’s Landing and the nearby East End Mine at Mt Larcom, Cement Australia plays an important role in the local community.

Cement Australia’s Fisherman’s Landing and East End operations work closely with local interest groups and are committed to actively supporting the communities in which they operate.


Community relations

At the Cement Australia East End Mine, a Community Consultation Forum was formed in 2002 to represent the broader stakeholders of the local community. The forum facilitates the East End and Mount Larcom community groups in sharing their latest updates and to support the surrounding wider community.

Cement Australia also sponsors various local sporting, educational and community projects and participates in the Gladstone Industry Leadership Group.



At the Fisherman’s Landing  plant we seek to employ the most energy efficient and environmentally sound methods of cement and lime manufacture. Fuel and electricity consumption at the plant are key areas for continual process optimisation.

Demonstrating Cement Australia’s environmental leadership, Cement Australia was the first to introduce bag filters to Australia, resulting in a large reduction of dust emissions. The plant’s preheater tower and clinker cooler is also considered the most energy efficient process designs for cement manufacturing. The cement manufacturing process seeks to facilitate the conservation of virgin raw materials by using by-products from industrial and community activities as alternative fuels or raw materials , waste derived fuels are used in the kiln to supplement the primary coal fuel, whilst waste derived products from the aluminium, steel and power generation industries are used as alternative raw materials.