Application Information

For most applicants, the hiring process you'll experience follows these five key steps:

  1. Application

  2. Phone interview

  3. Formal interview (s)

  4. Pre-employment checks (medical, background and references)

  5. Offer

Generally, the number of stages will be dependent upon the nature of the position.  For example, for certain types of roles a psychometric or aptitude test may be required. During the process we aim to keep you informed on how your application progresses.

Formal application is submitted to Cement Australia through a CV. This will be reviewed in line with the criteria for the role you are applying for and compared with other applications for the position.

If your application is shortlisted after the initial review, you will be invited for a telephone interview to understand more about your background and motivation for the role. You will also be given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the position.

Cement Australia runs behavioural interviewing to understand how you typically think, act and behave with respect to certain job related scenarios.  This is used in conjunction with technical or role-specific questions to understand if you have the core skills to be successful in the position.

In behavioural interviewing, you should look to talk about the situation, the task or problem you had, the steps you took to complete or resolve it and then the outcomes of your actions most relevant to the question asked.

This interview is also an opportunity to learn more about the role you are applying for to see if it is a fit for you.

Note that for some candidates who interview at operational sites you may be invited on a tour so you can see the operations and get a sense of life on site.

Cement Australia conducts

(a) medical to determine if you are physically fit for the role

(b) background checks to verify personal details and work history and to understand if you have any prior convictions which preclude you from undertaking the requirements of the role and

(c) references to obtain feedback from people who have previously worked with you on your suitability for the role.

If you are the right person for the job Cement Australia will extend an offer letter to you. You will need to sign this letter and return it as confirmation of your acceptance.

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