Concrete - the world's most widely used construction material also has a significant carbon footprint.

Cement is the necessary binding ingredient for concrete. Cement manufacturing is associated with inevitable CO2 emissions, due to the physical and chemical processes.

What are we doing to reduce it?

The Australian cement and concrete sector has worked hard to reduce industry CO2 emissions. Cement Australia already uses Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs), alternative fuels, and improved transportation methods, to reduce our use of fossil fuels in the manufacturing and distribution process.

Fly Ash and/or slag has been limited to low levels of cement replacement due to the impacts on concrete performance ... until now.

GreenCem is the solution

GreenCem is a new patent pending low embodied carbon concrete powdered admixture, engineered by Cement Australia, which enables very high levels (up to 80%) of cement replacement with fly ash and/or slag without significantly compromising concrete performance.

GreenCem technologies enable reductions in embodied carbon in concrete, is non toxic and versatile for most applications, and is fully compliant with Australia Standards.

Contributing towards the cement and concrete industry ambition for net zero carbon concrete by 2050.


Contact our experienced technical team on the link below to design a low carbon concrete mix using GreenCem.


* GreenCem Technology, inclusive of High Performance Ash and High Performance Slag, is only available in select locations and for a limited range of applications, as a component of a broader cementitious offering. Prior to supply, GreenCem requires a technical assessment by Cement Australia's technical team of the existing mix design to determine if supply is viable. All enquiries must be directed to Cement Australia's technical team who will determine, in its sole discretion, whether GreenCem supply is viable for each application.