CemTrack ®



CemTrack® is an easy to use program designed for real-time vehicle tracking for Cement Australia managed bulk deliveries, other features include:

  • Check the status:  Current orders, in transit, delivered, cancelled
  • Stay informed: Update your own contact info 
  • Set up notifications:  Pops up when delivery is on the way & completed
  • Responsive platform: Available on desktop & mobile devices


Note: Suitable for customers where Cement Australia manages the delivery to the plant.


Please complete the 'Request access to CemTrack' form for account set up.

Want to update your existing account?  Complete the 'Update your CemTrack account' form.



Some trucks may not appear due to some GPS connection issues from time to time. If the truck appears in transit, it has officially left our depot 

We do not have an alert for on-site in CemTrack, but do have geofence alerting in the DMS where the customer can advise Cement Australia the distance they wish to be alertedand an email / sms contact to send the alert to. If you would like this please contact our Customer Interface Team - 1300cement@cemaust.com.au

Please refer to page 11 of the CemTrack user guide that shows in detail how to ensure your notifications are set up correctly.

This will update approximately every 5mins and the CemTrack site will auto-refresh every 30seconds.

Please refer to page 6 of the CemTrack user guide that outlines the times shown on your order window.

CemTrack stores 'Delivered' and 'Cancelled' data from the past 72hours. If you require data outside of this, please contact our Customer Interface Team.

Yes. This is not a default setting, production managers will need to request access to their associated plants. 

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