EcoSYN™ is a safe and convenient alternative for hydrated lime in cement/lime/sand mortars.


Safety Data Sheet
Available Sizes
Available Sizes


Delivered by pneumatic tankers and discharged into a silo for storage. Please refer to Guidelines for delivery of bulk cementitious product

  • Mortars produced with EcoSYN™ conform to AS 3700 Masonry Structures
  • Rated non-hazardous and non-dangerous by NOHSC criteria 
  • Ideal for DIY and commercial projects

1x600g packet equals 20kg of hydrated lime in cement/lime sand mortars.

Take note that EcoSYN™ is not suitable in traditional mortars that do not use cement.

*Please note: EcoSYN™ cannot be used as an alternative for Hydrated Lime in soil stabilisation
and septic waste applications.

Add 12-25ml of diluted Brickies’ Own to the water* needed for the mix. Add cement, and then EcoSYN™ **immediately after. 

When rendering, start with 220g of EcoSYN™ and increase up to 300g if more stickiness is required.

**Depending on the quality of sand, dose rates of EcoSYN™ can vary for bricklaying mortar (approx. 100g-150g). EcoSYN™ can be increased up to 300g or decreased to 100g and will not harm the mortar in any way.

Let water,  EcoSYN™ and cement mix for a minimum of 1 minute BEFORE ADDING SAND.

Allow all ingredients to mix for a minimum of 8 minutes. Add water as required to achieve ideal workability (do not use excess water)