Cement Australia

Render It™ Multisurface Grey

Product Information

  • Replaces the existing Render It™ range from June 2012
  • Suitable for masonry, styrene, fibre cement & AAC blocks
  • Easy to apply one part render
  • Hand mix (no drill required)
  • Render It™ is suitable for both interior and exterior application
  • Covers approx 2.5m2 per 20kg bag (5mm thickness)


for masonry, styrene, fibre cement & AAC blocks

General information

Render It™ Multisurface Grey is a one-part render that only requires the addition of clean water and mixing before application.


STEP 1 Prepare surface by removing any loose materials with a brush.

STEP 2 Add 4 litres of clean water to a bucket or wheelbarrow and slowly pour one bag of Render It™ Multisurface into the water. 

STEP 3 Mix thoroughly to a creamy, lump-free consistency. Let the mix stand for 5 minutes before applying.

STEP 4 Apply the render with a steel trowel in an upward motion from left to right. Allow the render to become firm and finish off with a wooden trowel or polystyrene float. Keep the render damp for 7 days.

Available sizes