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Post Set Concrete

Product Information

  • Quality blend of cement, sand & aggregate
  • Ideal for stabilising non-structural posts
  • Use our simple Calculator to work out the requirements for your project
  • Good for small jobs – convenient & easy to use


Clothes LinesLetter BoxesPosts
plus other non-structural projects

General information

Post Set Concrete is a proportioned blend of cement, sand and aggregate, ideally suited for stabilising non-structural posts including fence posts, letter boxes and clothes lines. For a more durable finish, Cement Australia recommends using Concrete Mix.


STEP 1 Place the post in the hole and provide support so that it does not fall over. Note: The hole should be pre-wet to limit the absorption of water from the Post Set Concrete mix.

STEP 2 Place Post Set Concrete in a wheelbarrow, create a hollow and add 2.5 litres of water per bag and mix. Only if absolutely needed, add small amounts of additional water to achieve a workable mix. Too much water ruins good concrete.

STEP 3 Place mixed Post Set Concrete in the hole, compact around the post and leave to set. Supports should be left for 24 hours.

Available sizes