Roof Tile Bedding Mortar

  • Ready to use, consistent product
  • Suitable for all aspects of bedding ridges, barges and apexes
  • Roof tiles 'sit up' - no more slumping
  • No sand or cement mess or waste on site
  • Performs well in warm and hot temperatures
  • One bag beds 3 linear metres of ridge or hip tiles


Bedding Ridge & Hip Tiles

General information

A blend of cement, sand and high quality additives designed for all aspects of bedding ridges, barges and apexes on tiled roofs. Developed in conjunction with roofing professionals for a reliable and durable product that supports roof applicators' product quality guarantees.


STEP 1 Place the required amount of Roof Tile Bedding Mortar into a mixer or onto a non-absorbent surface.

STEP 2 Gradually add 4 litres of clean water per 20kg bag, ensuring it does not wash away any of the cement. Mix the mortar thoroughly to ensure a consistent mix.

STEP 3 Form a mortar bed of approximately 50mm in width on both sides and ends of the ridge or hip tile. Bed the tile in position and remove any mortar that may have been squeezed out when placing the tile.

STEP 4 Use a trowel and sponge to neaten the bedding mortar to provide a clean face for the pointing mix to be applied later.


Available sizes


Also available in bulk.