High Early Cement

  • Suits applications requiring early strength gain
  • Suitable for use in cooler climates
  • Assists in early stripping of manufacturing moulds
  • Conforms to AS3972 Type HE requirements



General information

High Early (HE) Cement is ideally suited for use where early strength development is required. High Early Cement does not provide high ultimate strength but more rapid strength gain at early ages, specifically from 1 to 3 days. Cement Australia’s HE Cement complies with the requirements of AS3972 Type HE.


STEP 1 Combine cement, clean aggregate and sand in correct proportion in a non-porous vessel. Large jobs require a concrete mixer.

STEP 2 Add clean water gradually and mix thoroughly. Use enough water to make a workable mix. Excess water ruins good concrete.

STEP 3 Use the product immediately after mixing. Keep concrete moist for 7 days for the best results

Available sizes


Also available in bulk.