Off White Cement & Lime

  • Product only available in Western Australia
  • Off White Cement blended with Hydrated Lime in equal proportions
  • Pre-blended for use in mortar & render
  • Easy to use with no need for an air entraining admixture
  • Light coloured cement for a brighter finish
  • Provides a long board life
  • Can be used for AS3700 M3 Mortar



General information

A blended Off White Cement and Lime with no need for air entraining admixtures, suitable for producing M3 Mortar complying with Australian Standard AS3700.


Step 1 Combine Off White Cement & Lime and sand in the correct proportion in a non-porous vessel.  Larger jobs will require a concrete mixer or other mixing device.

Step 2 Add drinkable water gradually and mix thoroughly.  Use enough water to make a workable mix.  Excess water ruins good render or mortar.

Step 3 Use the product immediately after mixing.  Do not mix more render or mortar than can be applied in 30 minutes.

For mix advice about using this product, visit our Mix ratios section.

Available sizes


Also available in bulk.