Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Product Data Sheets (PDS)

Cement Australia has developed a comprehensive series of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to ensure that our products are used safely including suggested personal protection to minimise exposure and any appropriate first aid measures.

Product Data Sheets (PDS) have also been provided to assist the users of our products in selecting the right product in the right quantity for their specific application. Specific directions for use are provided including storage, handling and any product limitations. 


CA001 Portland Cement

CA002 Blended Cement

CA007 Hydrated Lime

CA008 Tarong Fly Ash

CA014 Kaolite

CA024 Concrete Mix

CA025 Sand & Cement

CA027 Rapid Set Concrete

CA035 WetMix Concrete

CA036 Wetmix Mortar

CA042 Gap Sand

CA043 Plaster

CA044 Mortar Mixes

CA045 Rapid Set Sand & Cement

CA048 All Purpose Sand

CA049 Clay

CA050 Plasterers Lime

CA051 Post Set Concrete

CA052 Jointfill Sand

CA053 White Cement

CA060 Dark Brown & Light Brown Oxide

CA069 Beige Oxide

CA070 Black Oxide

CA071 Blue Oxide

CA073 Ocean Green Oxide

CA075 Red Oxide

CA076 Sandstone Oxide

CA080 Tuscany Oxide

CA082 Tarong furnace

CA083 Renders

CA085 Marigold Oxide

CA089 Brickie's Own

CA090 Cement-Lime Blends

IB001 Instant Bitument MS Bonding Agent

IB002 Instant Bitument MS ColdMix

Product Data Sheets

PDS-BOCMP Brickies Own

PDS-C Clay

PDS-CM Concrete Mix

PDS-ESCM Extra Strength Concrete Mix

PDS-FA Fly Ash

PDS-GB Builders Cement

PDS-GCL Grey Cement & Lime

PDS-GP General Purpose Cement

PDS-GS Gap Sand

PDS-HL Hydrated Lime

PDS-JFS Jointfill Sand

PDS-MM Mortar Mix

PDS-OWC Off White Cement

PDS-OWCL Off White Cement & Lime

PDS-OX Oxide

PDS-PGC Plasterers Grey Cement

PDS-PSC Post Set Concrete

PDS-RIM Render It™ Multisurface Grey

PDS-RIMSOW Render It™ Multisurface Off White

PDS-RSC Rapid Set Concrete

PDS-RSSC Rapid Set Sand & Cement

PDS-RTBM Roof Tile Bedding Mortar

PDS-SC Sand & Cement

PDS-WC White Cement