Sustainable partnerships

To ensure Cement Australia is part of the Australian culture for the long-term, it’s vital we stay connected with the people that work with, and live with, our products.

We have a strong history of engagement through community liaison groups, which will continue far into the future. We also maintain open communication with relevant regulatory bodies – it is just as important for our regulators to understand the unique aspects of cement manufacture, as much as we need to understand regulatory processes and practice.

Above all, our most important and valuable partnership is with our employees. Our sustainability performance is a shared focus and our employees actively consider safety, environmental performance and corporate governance in their day-to-day roles.

We maintain our partnerships through:

  • Community engagement – helping our community liaison groups thrive
  • Stakeholder engagement – key media and government relationships
  • Customer engagement – for example meeting sustainable packaging or facilitating lower impact products through fit-for-purpose products
  • Employee engagement – effective and integrated communications
  • Marketing communications – enhancing our reputation and brand