In-house programs


Breakthough program

Presented by Breakthrough International Group Ltd, Breakthrough’s powerful technology will reveal the limiting patterns of thinking that keep our actions at work tied to the past and confined by what is already known. Participants will work with a new foundation to create breakthroughs in thinking and action.

What emerges as a result of ‘Breakthrough’ are people designing interpretations at optimum levels and having their actions correspond with their commitment, rather than a story about being unable to make a difference or failing to reach targets. When actions at work are a function of commitment and declaration, ordinary people start to produce extraordinary results for themselves and the company.

To quote Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, “One of the most important steps you can take in building a visionary company is not an action, but a shift in perspective…”.

Cement & concrete technology program

This workshop has been designed to provide an overview of the technical and practical aspects of the cement and concrete industry. You will be taken on a journey from the start of the process, the mining of limestone, through the processes of milling, burning, grinding and dispatching through the supply chain and finally to the use of the product in it’s various forms.

This workshop is designed for those who are new to the industry or who would like to gain a greater insight into, not only the business, but also the cement industry in general.

Coaching & mentoring programs

Cement Australia has engaged an Executive Coach to our high performing employees. The results that have been achieved to date have seen individuals under his mentoring move into significant executive roles. Our Executive Coach is a tremendous asset in raising the high performance profile of our key leaders and works diligently to make a difference in the professional and personal lives of those that he both coaches and mentors within the leadership structure.

Foundations of leadership program

By making use of a modular training approach, our aim with this program is to enhance the foundation for successful leadership within Cement Australia, through providing current and future leaders with the tools, knowledge and capability to effectively lead their work teams.

The foundation module provides leaders with knowledge about basic leadership skills required on a day to day basis. It covers the building of team and individual performance, communication and other relevant topics. This module is the followed up by compulsory modules including Leadership and Communication, Finance for Leaders, The Customer, Employee Management Process, Industrial Relations, Remuneration and Benefits, Visible Safety Leadership and more; as well as a number of elective modules including Business Writing Skills and Business Improvement Principles.

Leadership journey program

This program has been designed to be a memorable learning event rather than a download of theory. The development of skills and relationships requires time to be invested. The payback is that skills are better learned and more able to be transferred straight back to the workplace.

Targeting middle and senior leadership, the objective of this program is to develop and foster leadership skills and abilities for young, new and potential leaders from all Cement Australia businesses, to facilitate a network of like-minded people in order to encourage ongoing contact as well as a broader ‘whole of business’ focus.

Leading from the front program

This program represents the final piece of the leadership puzzle in bringing about real and lasting cultural change at Cement Australia. It is based on the proved content and methods employed in the Team Leader and The Leadership Journey programs and has been developed for Cement Australia frontline employees to help them better contribute to the challenges associated with changes in our business environment. It focuses on the skills required to be an effective member of a work-team and provides tools to assist in the identification and solving of problems at work.

Meaningful and practical implementation projects are essential once delegates return to their work areas. It is a requirement that Team Leaders identify workplace improvement opportunities with their team members prior to their departure to the program.

The program participants are well supported through the program by professional program leaders who make the learning safe, challenging and memorable. In addition, selected Team Leaders and Managers also play a hands on role in the program and in doing so build upon their previous leadership training whilst gaining greater understanding of their team member’s abilities.

Project management program

The workshop aims to train key Cement Australia employees in the use and application of the project management methodology. By capturing the best in project management techniques and methods, we have a greater level of assurance that our projects are delivered as planned.

It has been designed specifically for Cement Australia employees who are responsible for the delivery of projects. In addition to the traditional engineering projects target group, the program is also suitable for those responsible for projects in other areas, including finance, iServices and sales.