At Cement Australia, we actively seek the right people for the right roles and in doing so, our recruitment process is far more than skin deep. We have the courage to get to know our candidates and search for their talents. Our diversity program and the culture of our company have enabled us to consider people on the basis of what they can bring to the role – often as a result of their diverse backgrounds. Embracing individuality has created a workplace with a difference – broadened horizons, acceptance and opportunity are our hallmarks.



For Cement Australia, it’s all about getting the best person for the job. We believe if you have the skills and talent, then you have a place at Cement Australia. At our company we’re breaking traditional moulds and leading the way with programs that create an accepting considerate workplace that values skills and talent above all else.

Cement Australia recognises that diversity will make us more competitive and give us a competitive edge in our industry. We know that diversity leads to increased productivity and creativity in that the best, most skilled employees are employed and the mix of perspectives and backgrounds they bring result in a greater range of ideas. Experience has shown that such diversity and greater range of ideas results in more creative options and solutions. Valuing someone who has alternate point of view or an alternative experience can enhance problem solving and spark innovation. Cement Australia is striving to see a person’s individuality as a point of strength.



Our business is spread amongst rural, regional and metropolitan areas. In creating a workplace in each area that unilaterally appreciates and promotes diversity, we have worked from out executive level through into management teams to ensure that we have work environments that value and utilise the differences amongst our people.

In delivering far and above our legislative requirements for diversity, we have achieved the following:

Managing for Diversity: a guide for managers and employees has been developed and published.

  • Creating a flexible workplace that encourages parents to return to work in a supportive environment.
  • A very successful partnership with traditional owners.
  • A workplace that provides the support for people with hearing difficulty to communicate easily and effectively.


Workplace Gender Equality Agency

2012-2013 Workplace profile lodged with WGEA (.pdf)