Placement process

Whether you are joining us, or moving within Cement Australia, our recruitment processes are seamless and deliberately rigorous in order to attract and retain quality people. We recruit people with demonstrated capability and potential and are always on the lookout for new talent.

Step 1 - Applying for a job at Cement Australia

Go to our job search page and search through the vacancies.  If you need to find a job that you are interested in, follow the instructions and forward a current resume and covering letter.  

Step 2 - Prepare for your interview

Initially, you may be interviewed by one of our Placement Partners or by one of the HR Managers and or Functional Managers who may put you on a shortlist for further interview with Cement Australia.  If you are successful in making it to a shortlist for interview, the more you know about Cement Australia and the job you’ve applied for, the more confident you’ll be in the interview.  Browsing this website will help you to find out more about what we do and what it’s like to work at Cement Australia.  

Step 3 - The interview

We use a technique called behavioral event interviewing or otherwise known as Competency Based Interviewing.  This technique helps the interviewer to assess your suitability for the position based on real life examples of your performance in previous experiences.  Importantly, we are also interested in finding out about you and what makes you tick.  The employment relationship is a 2-way street and it is important that we understand what each other expects out of the relationship.  

Step 4 - The checks

Cement Australia conducts various checks as part of its recruitment process.  

These checks will include:

  • Cement Australia obtaining work-related references from your pervious employer.
  • You completing a pre-employment medical which includes a drug screen.
  • Pre-employment screening to verify information such as qualifications that were supplied in your employment application.  In some cases, this may include a criminal history check
  • On some occasions, we may also require psychometric and/or emotional intelligence testing.

Step 5 - Our offer

If you are successful, Cement Australia will make a formal job offer to you by way of Letter of Offer.  This would normally be sent out to you by registered post together with an offer pack which contains lots of information on working at Cement Australia.  

Step 6 - Cementing the deal

Once we receive your signed acceptance, we will send out your induction pack to you.  You should bring this with you on your first day.  While we are waiting for you to start, we will be busy getting everything ready for your arrival.