Railton, TAS

Railton Cement Plant

Located in North West Tasmania, Cement Australia’s Railton plant produces in excess of one million tonnes of cement per annum, the majority of which is transported to the Victorian and New South Wales markets.

Operational since 1923, the plant produces cement using the fuel-efficient pre-calciner manufacturing process and has its own limestone mine facility and operation. All production at the plant is controlled and closely monitored by a Gamma-Metrics cross belt x-ray analyser along with a fully equipped laboratory.

Raw material for the Railton plant is sourced from Cement Australia’s nearby mine. Cement manufactured from the plant is then transported 26kms to the Devonport shipping.

Great emphasis is placed on achieving consistency of products and processes, from the mining of raw materials, to the manufacture and delivery of bulk and bagged cement. Advanced process controls and laboratory systems are used to manage and monitor each step of the production and delivery process to ensure the highest standards.

The Area

What else does this charming country town and the broader North West heartland of Tasmania have to offer?

Well, there’s more to the region than its many quaint towns and seaside villages, although there’s no escaping the allure of all those cosy cafes and enticing restaurants, particularly with Tasmania’s wealth of mouth-watering local produce.

With its title of Town of Topiary hinting at a horticultural locale, Railton and the nearby civic centre of Sheffield sit amongst picturesque rolling hills and ancient forests. It really is an idyllic rural hinterland – the gateway to Tasmania’s iconic Cradle Mountain in one of the state’s many World Heritage listed national parks.

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