Railton community

Mixing with the Railton community

Cement Australia's Railton Plant has long been the heart of the Kentish district. Our presence has sustained the area for 80 years and today there is a fifth generation from the local area working at the plant.

The Railton plant is actively involved in community activities, playing a positive role in the Railton community. Funding is regularly provided for a number of local causes, and Cement Australia donates products for local community construction projects.

Community relations

A Community Consultative Group was formed by Cement Australia in November 2004, with the mission to promote the health and development of the Railton community and surrounds through regular, open, and cooperative communications between Cement Australia and community stakeholders.

Interest groups from the fire brigade to the local council come together to discuss plant and mine operations, community needs and any issues that arise. Another role of the committee is to develop and implement community development or promotional activities


To reduce emissions and greenhouse gases, energy efficient and environmentally sound manufacturing methods are used at the state-of-the-art Railton plant. Through the use of alternative fuels and materials – such as fly ash – in the manufacturing process, the plant’s energy efficiency is continually increasing.

Environmental work is also being carried out at the old limestone mine through the ongoing rehabilitation of the area. This work was awarded the Keep Australia Beautiful Council's major environmental award in 1997, 1998 and 2000.

Cement Australia Railton also provides financial support to Airwatch Tasmania, a program that raises awareness of air quality issues among children of primary school age.