To enable Cement Australia to offer a complete range of supplementary and associated products, we have a large number of specialised subsidiaries and associated companies that complement our core cement business.

These close associations ensure Cement Australia always delivers with maximum consistency and reliability.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Cement Australia, The Cornwall Coal Company operates underground and open cut coal mines, and a coal washing and processing plant.

Cornwall Coal’s main facilities are located in NE Tasmania, with an additional mine in Southern Tasmania. The company produces in excess of 400,000 tonnes of washed coal each year, supplying the Cement Australia Railton operation and virtually all of Tasmania's general coal requirements. Employing over 70 people, Cornwall Coal represents one of the major industries in the Fingal Valley and North East Tasmania.

An industrial waste management specialist focused on sustainable waste transformation, Geocycle Pty Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cement Australia.

Geocycle’s core business is the processing of flammable and hazardous wastes into alternative fuel and raw materials for use in cement kilns.

The technology used is backed by global leaders in the cement industry and has been in practice for over 30 years.

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Establised in 1966, Pozzolanic Enterprises is the premiere producer of fly ash and associated products in Australia.  

Pozzolanic processes and distributes fine grade fly ash and other ash products from five coal-fired power stations in Queensland – Gladstone, Tarong and Callide.  

Fly ash is a valuable by-product of coal-fired power generation as it improves concrete performance and provides various opportunities in a wide range of applications.  

Pozzolanic provides a number of services to power stations including ash handling and ash disposal systems.

To support the recycling of ash, Pozzolanic also conducts innovative research into new uses for ash and provides technical support to businesses developing new applications and products containing ash.