Bulwer Island Cement Plant, Brisbane, QLD

More than 10 percent of the cement annually consumed in Australia comes from Cement Australia’s Bulwer Island plant, which can mill up to 1.2 million tonnes a year.

Located on the Brisbane River at Pinkenba, Bulwer Island offers deepwater access for vessels of up to 25,000 tonne capacity and is capable of taking in over a million tonnes of cement clinker, gypsum, slag and other products each year for grinding.

The cement clinker and other bulk materials are stored in three sheds, with a combined capacity of 115,000 tonnes.

Two mills operate on site 24 hours a day, processing these raw materials into general purpose and self-levelling cement as well as ground slag.

The finished cement products are stored in six silos with a shared capacity of 46,000 tonnes before being loaded into bulk cement trucks via eight dispatch points. Between 160 and 200 trucks visit the Bulwer Island site daily to convey finished product north to Bundaberg, south to Coffs Harbour and west to the State border.

Bulwer Island is also home to a pre-mix bagging facility (part of Cement Australia’s Packaged Products Group) where various dry concrete, sand and aggregate mixes are prepared, bagged and dispatched to the retail market.

However, for clients with specific project requirements, Bulwer Island’s Dial-a-Blend service enables them to select from a wide range of custom cement blends to suit their needs.