Associated companies

To enable Cement Australia to offer a complete range of supplementary and associated products, we have a large number of specialised subsidiaries and associated companies that complement our core cement business.

These close associations ensure Cement Australia always delivers with maximum consistency and reliability.

A joint venture between the Cement Australia Group and the Edward C Levy Co (USA), Australian Steel Mill Services (ASMS) was formed in 1989 to service the slag-handling contract at BlueScope Steel, Port Kembla NSW.

ASMS collects and treats molten slag from blast furnaces and the steel making processes, processing and marketing approximately two million tonnes of slag each year. ASMS supplies a diverse range of sustainable slag-based products to the construction industry for a range of uses and products including: ready mixed concrete, cement manufacture, concrete building products, road building and asphalt.

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Ecocem is meeting the increasing demand for ‘green’ alternatives, supplying recycled, sustainable materials to the construction industry.

A joint venture company between Cement Australia and Levy Group USA, Ecocem utilises industrial by-products from the steelmaking process and turns them into value-added, environmentally friendly cement alternatives.

In today’s environmentally conscious world, not only does the increasing use of by-products like Ecocem represent a responsible approach to the environment, but it also makes good economic sense.

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A leading supplier of high quality fly ash products, Flyash Australia Pty Ltd is a joint venture company, equally owned by Boral Limited and Cement Australia Pty Ltd.

Flyash Australia’s core business involves the collection, processing, storage and distribution of quality fly ash products. With operations in NSW, SA and WA, the company distributes its products throughout Australia.

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