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Whether you need to request a quote, place an order, or follow up an order, Cement Australia’s Customer Interface Team (CIT) team is here to help.

Just call 1300 CEMENT (1300 236 368) and a CIT member will be ready to assist you.

Request a quote for bulk cement

To request a quote, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Request a quote form to your computer
  2. Fill out the form and save it
  3. Email as an attachment to

Place an order

Call: 1300 CEMENT (1300 236 368)
Fax: 1800 CEMFAX (1800 236 329)

We are available to take your calls from 6am to 5pm EST Monday to Friday and 6am to 2pm EST on Saturday. For all calls out of hours please call 1300 CEMENT (1300 236 368) and follow the prompts.

Follow up an order

To track your delivery or change your order, simply call 1300 CEMENT (1300 236 368) and one of our CIT members will be able to help.

Give feedback

We are continually seeking ways to improve our service to you. We welcome any comments that may help us make your contact with Cement Australia easier and more satisfying.

Please email your comments to

For queries regarding new business or existing accounts, please contact the relevant Area Manager below.

Brook Noble

Area Account Manager - Tasmania

Phone: 0429 475 249
Email Brook Noble

Marc Furlong

Sales & Business Development Manager - North

Phone: 0423 028 302
Email Marc Furlong

Stuart Kempsey

Sales & Business Development Manager - WA/SA

Phone: 0417 622 382
Email Stuart Kempsey

Michael Broadbent

Technical Account Manager - Central

Phone: 0409 420 060
Email Michael Broadbent

Phil Halpin

Sales & Business Development Manager - Central

Phone: 0409 787 499
Email Phil Halpin

Niroshan Hapugaskumbura

Technical Account Manager - Victoria

Phone: 0439 902 876
Email Niroshan Hapugaskumbura

Gary Sharpe

Business Development Manager - Queensland

Phone: 0402 227 153
Email Gary Sharpe

Stephen McGill

Business Development Manager - NSW

Phone: 0418 208 041
Email Stephen McGill

Christina Kenney

Area Account Manager - NSW

Phone: 0419 477 728
Email Christina Kenney

Paul Ribinsky

Area Account Manager - CQ

Phone: 0418 740 409
Email Paul Ribinsky

Tony Anderson

Area Account Manager - NQ

Phone: 0402 227 127
Email Tony Anderson

Rob Pelligra

Major Accounts Manager - NSW

Phone: 0407 623 367
Email Rob Pelligra

Bruce Perry

Technical Account Manager - Northern

Phone: 0439 519 591
Email Bruce Perry